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Join us to push the boundaries of structure-based drug discovery and design medicines that matter

Open positions

Are you looking to join a dynamic and innovative company that is pushing the boundaries of science? Look no further than leadXpro! We are a leader in structure-based drug discovery for membrane proteins, and we are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team.

At leadXpro, you will have the opportunity to work with a talented and diverse group of scientists and professionals who are dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions for some of the biggest challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. You will have the chance to contribute to cutting-edge research and be a part of a team that is making a real impact in the field of drug discovery.

In addition to the opportunity to work on exciting projects and make a difference, leadXpro also offers a supportive and collaborative work environment that values diversity, creativity, and personal and professional growth. If you are ready to take your career to the next level and be a part of a company that is shaping the future of drug discovery, join leadXpro today!